19 December 2006

London Pics - Yes, I Am Still A Tourist

Pictures from a walk at night on the South Bank...

Back in Cali

AND jet-lagged... so in the meantime, check out Rohit's pics at: http://rcinasia.blogspot.com/

28 November 2006

New York, New York!

*Anyone who was at Kristin's birthday - this is a shout-out to her and her show-tunes!

The Golden Boy

Ice-Skating Rink at Rockafellar

The GE Building (we went to the top - gorgeous!)

The Angels and the Tree

Blue Skies... That's Right

So Much More NYC

Inside the Guggenheim
Central Park

Uncle Bill and Me

The Devilish Uncle Bill

Enjoying the Sunshine

Way More NYC

Ice-skating in Midtown
He stole a kiss from the librarian!

Aunt Mel and I at the NY Public Library

Ladies of the Ice

New York Public Libary

Even More NYC Pics

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

Atlas and St. Patrick's Church

Old Meets New

Old Meets New Part Two


More NYC Pics

The famed crystal Christmas star

The Associated Press Building

Uncle Bill and Aunt Mel on the Top of the Rock

Only in New York...

Saks 5th Avenue

NYC Pics

From the 'Top of the Rock'(afellar Center)

Me and George at Federal Hall - 1st U.S. Capitol

Ground Zero

Wall St/NYSE

The Empire State from the Top of the Rock

Amelie Impersonation

Okay - so no trolls - but Brian and I thought it would be REALLY fun to take pictures in the old photo booth they have in the back of Bar Pilar. To our dismay, it did not work. To our pleasure, I had my own camera...

More DC Pics

Gretch looking cute (part 42)

Robby looking very pensive

David and I

The U.S. Capitol on a beautiful day

DC Pics

Dashboard Confessional

Me, Kristina, Sarah and Jay post-campaign in Anapolis

Kristin and I at a Dashboard Confessional show

Gretchen being cute!

Cari following Gretchen's lead